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By Charles Darwin

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This ebook, released in 1881, was once the results of decades of experimentation and commentary by means of Darwin within the open-air laboratory of his backyard at Down residence in Kent. As he wrote in his advent, the topic of soil disturbance by means of worms 'may seem a mere one, yet we will see that it possesses a few interest'. He is going directly to reveal the immensity - in measurement and through the years - of the amassed tiny routine of soil by way of earthworms, and their very important position in aerating the soil and breaking down vegetable fabric to maintain the topsoil, the growing to be medium for all plants and therefore important to human life, fertile and fit. At a time while there's large curiosity in growing to be nutrition organically and with out utilizing synthetic fertilisers, Darwin's insights are as vital, and his descriptions of his experiments as interesting, as they have been within the overdue 19th century.

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THEIE SENSES. 19 which runs in a straight course to the vent at the posterior end of the body. The intestine presents a remarkable structure, the typhosolis, or, as the old anatomists called it, an intestine within an intestine ; and Claparede* has shown that this consists of a deep longitudinal involution of the walls of the intestine, by which means an extensive absorbent surface is gained. The circulatory system is well developed. Worms breathe by their skin, as they do not possess any special respiratory organs.

A slight puff of air from the mouth causes an instant retreat. The glass plates placed over the pots did not fit closely, and blowing through the very narrow chinks thus left, often sufficed to cause a rapid retreat. They sometimes perceived the eddies in the air caused by quickly removing the glass plates. When a worm first comes out of its burrow, it generally moves the much, extended anterior extremity of its body from side to side in all directions, apparently as an organ of touch; and there is some reason to believe, as we shall see in the next chapter, that they are thus enabled to gain a general CHAP.

I. multitude of the larger, free, nucleated cells, and these latter cells were not acted on by acetic acid, while the former were dissolved. From this and other such cases I am led to suspect that the calciferous cells are developed from the larger nucleated ones; but how this is effected was not ascertained. When an anterior gland contains severaL minute concretions, some of these are generally angular or crystalline in outline, while the greater number are rounded with an irregular mulberry-like surface.

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