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29 Wherever, in his own most unique being-free, the king settles, there is the core intensity of (the whole's) supraconscious ecstatic intensity. Self-established, unconcerned (with the duality of approval and disapproval) [this intensity occupies] the dimension that can neither be improved nor vitiated. Spontaneous and spreading, this supraconscious ecstatic intensity plays with whatever has arisen (before its gaze) as its cognitive domain. 30 This dimension of graciousness for which one does not have to search, since it is (already) self-established and self-settled, Marks the end of words and intellection; it transcends the scope of one's sensory capacities.

On the term gshis see also note L The term gdod-ma actually a noun, but here rendered as an adjective indicates a "beginning" in the sense of Being's pure potential having become an actuality. The above sentence is reminiscent of Meister Eckhart's statement: "Godhead does nothing, there is nothing it can do, and never has it looked for anything to do" (translation by C. de B. Evans, Works, I, 143). 49 rig-pa'i rtsal. In the present context this term is an allusion to the khyung-chen bird hovering in the sky.

The "king" is the whole (Being) and yet only part (being) of it. In the words of Erich Jantsch, Designfor Evolution, 99: ... we are the stream, source and flow, carrier and carried, the whole stream and yet only part of it - as a water molecule is the river and yet only part of it. The technical term gdeng, here rendered as "assurance" deriving from deep within one's self, points to the experiencer's structural potential involving his disposition and openness-toBeing (ngang) that prefigures a possible movement into his Dasein (rang-bzhin) with its endowment with existential possibilities as the potential-for-being that "results" in the spontaneous 48 The moving to and fro of (one's) thoughts arises as the frolicking of (the whole's) originary awareness: (This means that) one has arrived at the primordial level (of one's being) where no errancy obtains One has found one's life's meaning, self-evolved57 and spontaneously present.

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