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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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Valves smooth (occasionally finely reticulate on the inner surface). Valve marginal zone with narrow calcified inner lamella, without selvage or continu­ ous lists. Some groups with a narrow ventro-caudal keel (remnant of outer list) or with internal ventral or caudal teeth (remnants of inner list) in one valve. Hinge adont. Valve overlap variable. Adductor muscle scars: a tight "rosette" pattern of usually 5-10 scars arranged radially; sometimes vertically elongated to give the appearance of a double verti­ cal row.

Iliffe, Ostracoda (Halocypridina, Cladocopina) from an anchialine lava tube in Lanzarote, Canary Is­ lands, Smiths. Contr. Zool, 568, 1-31, 1995. 36 OSTRACOD TAXONOMY, MORPHOLOGY AND BIOLOGY Kornicker, L. S. and I. G. Sohn, Phylogeny, ontogeny, and mor­ phology of living and fossil Thaumatocypridacea (Myodocopa: Ostracoda), Smiths. Contr. ZooL, 219, 1-124, 1976. Maddocks, R. , Recent ostracodes of the Family Pontocyprididae chiefly from the Indian Ocean, Smiths. Contr. ZooL, 7, 1-56, 1969. Maddocks, R.

Punciidae, Ostracoda), soft anatomy and ontogeny, Cour. Forsch. -Inst. Senckenberg, 113,235-249, 1989b. Swanson, K. , The punciid ostracod - a new crustacean evolu­ tionary window, Cour. Forsch. -Inst Senckenberg, 123, 11-18, 1990. Swanson, K. , Distribution, affinities and origin of the Punciidae (Crustacea: Ostracoda), Mem. , 31, 77-92, 1991. Tseng, W. , Biology of the pelagic ostracod, Euconchoecia elongata Muller, Rept Lab. Biol Taiwan Fish. Res. , 27, 1-183, 1975. Tsukagoshi, A. and Parker, A.

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