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By Jack George Thompson

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Regardless of tradition, such a lot grownup people document experiencing comparable emotions corresponding to anger, worry, humor, and pleasure. Such subjective emotional states, in spite of the fact that, aren't common. individuals of a few cultures deny experiencing particular emo­ tions equivalent to worry or grief. additionally, inside any tradition, members vary commonly of their self-reports of either the range and depth in their feelings. a few humans record a bright tapestry of confident and unfavourable emotional experi­ ences. people document unmarried emotion comparable to melancholy or worry completely dominates their existences. nonetheless others document flat and barren emotional lives. over the last a hundred years, scientists have proposed a variety of rival explana­ tions of why such huge person changes in feelings happen. a variety of authors have provided anthropological, biochemical, ethological, neurological, psycholog­ ical, and sociological types of human feelings. certainly, the sheer variety of competing theories precludes a entire assessment in one quantity. Ac­ cordingly, just a consultant pattern of versions are mentioned during this booklet, and plenty of both very important theories were passed over. those omissions weren't meant to prejudice the reader in want of any specific conceptual body­ paintings. fairly, this selective assurance used to be meant to concentration realization upon the empirical findings that modern theories try and explain.

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Moreover, such patients can also curse. Like Wernicke's area, Broca's area is usually found only in the left hemisphere. The localization of language centers in only one hemisphere led researchers to postulate that the language hemisphere was "dominant" and controlled the other hemisphere like a slave computer. We will examine the validity of this hypothesis later in this chapter. Most of the frontal lobes are not involved in either motor movements or speech but appear to control "higher" intellectual functions such as decision making, memory for complex behaviors, and planning.

Numerous researchers have reported that surgical damage to specific hypothalamic nuclei produces changes in behaviors that are the exact opposite of the behaviors elicited by chemical or electrical stimulation. Specifically, stimulation of the lateral nucleus elicits eating behaviors, and the animal will overeat until it becomes extremely obese or hyperphagic (Anand & Dua, 1955). Surgical damage to the lateral nucleus produces hypophagic animals that refuse to eat 32 Chapter 2 and may starve to death even though they are surrounded by food (Anand & Brobeck, 1951).

The subjects found the unexpected presentation of the nude funny, regardless of which hemisphere was stimulated. For example, when one female subject had the nude presented to her left hemisphere, she laughed and then correctly identified the photograph. When the same subject had the nude presented to her right hemisphere, she denied seeing anything but blushed and began giggling. Anecdotal reports of split-brain patients also suggest that both hemispheres are capable of generating emotional behaviors.

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