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By Marina Khidekel

ISBN-10: 030749747X

ISBN-13: 9780307497475

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MOSTLY Bs: Spider-Man. Your superhero needs to have smarts to match yours, so Spider-Man’s your guy. Peter Parker was a brain before he morphed into Spidey, so you two would never be at a loss for compelling stuff to talk about. You’re drawn to witty guys who not only are cute but also can stimulate your mind by making you laugh while making you think! MOSTLY Cs: Batman. You like dark and edgy guys, and it doesn’t get much darker than Batman’s Batcave! There’s just something appealing to you about a way artistic guy who’s in touch with his sensitive side, even If he’s something of a bad boy.

18) Are boys taking over your brain? 19) Is she a true friend? 20) Are you a downer? 21) What kind of starlet would you be? 22) Are you getting through to him? 23) How competitive are you? 24) How high maintenance are you? 25) What big city should you live in? 26) Are you toying with your guy? 27) What’s your friendship role? 28) Are you in a rut? 29) How gullible are you? 30) Are you too plugged in? 31) What kind of flirt are you? 32) Do you live for gossip? 33) What kind of dreamer are you? 34) Is your friend holding you back?

Put yourself first sometimes, and don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help when you need it. You’ve been such a generous pal to them, they’ll be more than happy to oblige. [Mostly Bs] Yes—you tell it like it is. Your friends know you have great common sense, and they always come to you when they need solid, down-to-earth advice. They appreciate the fact that most of the time, you’re honest with them without being harsh. While being honest is almost always the way to go, there can be times when keeping mum is the better policy.

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