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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Coastal and Estuarine experiences Series.

Mangrove forests are a dominant function of tropical coasts. Like their terrestrial opposite numbers those forests are below danger all over the world via numerous damaging human practices. As can also be the case with tropical terrestrial forests, administration judgements approximately mangrove ecosystems are at the moment being made usually with no enough basic wisdom of the techniques controlling typical surroundings functionality.

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–6): J. S. Bunt
Chapter 2 Mangrove Sediments and Geomorphology (pages 7–41): Colin Woodroffe
Chapter three Mangrove Hydrodynamics (pages 43–62): Eric Wolanski, Yoshiro Mazda and Peter Ridd
Chapter four Mangrove Floristics and Biogeography (pages 63–100): Norman C. Duke
Chapter five wooded area constitution (pages 101–136): Thomas J. Smith
Chapter 6 Benthic groups (pages 137–171): D.M. Alongi and A. Sasekumar
Chapter 7 Plankton, Epibenthos and Fish groups (pages 173–224): A.I. Robertson and S.J.M. Blaber
Chapter eight basic productiveness and progress of Mangrove Forests (pages 225–249): B.F. Clough
Chapter nine Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles (pages 251–292): D.M. Alongi, K.G. Boto and A.I. Robertson
Chapter 10 foodstuff Chains and Carbon Fluxes (pages 293–326): A.I. Robertson, D.M. Alongi and K.G. Boto
Chapter eleven Concluding feedback: study and Mangrove Conservation (pages 327–329): A.I. Robertson

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21, 1990 Figure5. Time seriesplot of the watervelocity,the gradientof the water surfaceandthe Manning roughness coefficientin the mangroveof Nakawa Gawa. e. 1 m per 1000m, yet thevelocitiesare very smallof ordera few cm per sec. Thusthefull tidal waterlevelrangeobserved at the creekdoesnot reachthe edgesof the swampwhichmay be hundredsof m from the creek. The largewatersurfacegradients arethe resultof thelargefrictionaleffectscausedby the vegetation. Copyright American Geophysical Union Coastal and Estuarine Studies Tropical Mangrove Ecosystems Vol.

Journal of SedimentaryPetrology55: 257-264. , 1983. Geomorphologyof the Purari Delta. ), The Purari - Tropicalenvironmentof a highrainfall river basin,pp. 47-65, Junk,The Hague. , 1975. Mangrove ecology and deltaic-estuarine geomorphology,CambridgeGulf-Ord River, WesternAustralia. Journal of Ecology63: 203-222. G. 1976. The developmentof RodriguezBank, a Holocenemudbankin the Floridareef tract. Journal of SedimentaryPetrology46:497-518. Copyright American Geophysical Union Coastal and Estuarine Studies Tropical Mangrove Ecosystems 40 Vol.

1980) used a numericalmodelto describethe flow. 1 ms -•. Figure 3 showsthe time seriesof observedcurrentsin Coral Creek togetherwith the computedvelocitiesfor a springtide. The model successfully reproducesthe main features of the depth averagedflow, characterizedby a tidal asymmetrywith peak flood currents Copyright American Geophysical Union Coastal and Estuarine Studies Tropical Mangrove Ecosystems Chapter3. MangroveHydrodynamics Vol. 41 47 Figure4. Mapof Nakama-Gawa, a mangrove swampin IfiomoteIsland,Japan,andlocation of fieldstations.

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