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By Teri Woods

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The 3rd and such a lot explosive installment of the groundbreaking real to the sport trilogy will take you on a marathon race in the course of the suggest streets of Philly. commencing the place the second one installment's dramatic cliffhanger left us, real III will ultimately exhibit Gena's mysterious stalker and savior, in addition to introduce a brand new killer so vicious, so crafty, so ruthless, he will have you ever taking a look over your shoulder with each one flip of the web page. The crooked police officers are seeking the money, Gena's kinfolk are actually the objective for Gena who is hiding from every little thing and everybody, because the race is on for Gena's survival. Will she be able to retain the money, can she get out of city and make a brand new existence for herself, and may her family members live to tell the tale the maniacal killer that's hell bent on monitoring her down? Will Gena remain, real to the sport?

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He guided her to a nearby table and poured her a glass of water. “You’re alive,” Gena said softly. She gently caressed his face, reassuring herself that she was not dreaming. ” Tears streamed from her eyes as she covered her face. Quadir sat next to her and gently placed his arm around her. “Gena, it’s okay. ” He kissed her face and took her hand in his, and rubbed it gently against his face. He was alive. Her Qua was here with her, and he was alive! But how? was the only thing she could think.

I take it that you don’t have great faith in our police department,” Amelia observed. “Could as well been them that killed my baby,” Viola told her. Amelia nodded. Good. She now knew that Viola was no fan of the police department, which meant that in all probability she would cooperate with her request. ” Viola shook her head. “No, it could have been anybody. You know how things are; nobody wants to be a snitch. It could be your best friend, your mama, even your own child. ” Mrs. Richards nodded.

She remembered the duffel bag full of money, and the rope, the bottle of acid, buckets of cement, the metal handcuffs, and chains. Jerrell had taken her to a motel room where he had tried to kill her. She remembered fighting him. Yes, I remember, but then what? What happened? Did I trip or fall or something? No, I was running for the door when he grabbed me, and then . . At first Gena could not recall, then she slowly began to remember. The gun. Someone shot Jerrell and saved me, or was it Jerrell who fired the gun?

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