New PDF release: Vite et BIen Livre 2 + CD Audio + Corriges 2

By R. Gomes, Anne Gruneberg, Helena Jimenez

ISBN-10: 2090352752

ISBN-13: 9782090352757

«Vite et Bien 2» является продолжением интенсивного курса изучения французского языка от издательства CLE foreign. Вторая часть характеризуется той же структурой подачи материала, но более сложной грамматикой. Данный учебник подходит для людей знакомых с основами французского языка желающих повысить свой уровень.

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35x Find the cost of manufacturing 1000 compact discs. 7. 8x Ϫ 500 22. The speed r of a boat that travels d miles in t hours 23–36 ■ Write an algebraic formula for the given quantity. You may need to consult the formulas for area and volume listed on the inside back cover of this book. 23. The area A of a square of side x 24. The area A of a rectangle whose length is 4 ft more than its width x Find the profit on the sale of 1000 CDs. 8. The volume V of a cylindrical can is modeled by the formula 4+x x V ϭ pr h 2 where r is the radius and h is the height of the can.

1 Modeling the Real World 9 We can express the formula (or model) we want as follows. 5 in2. The area of one sheet is 12 ϫ 20 ϭ 240 in2. 5 Ͼ 240, the scrap metal produced from 5 sheets will easily recycle to produce a whole new sheet (and a little left over). 1 Exercises 1–8 ■ Use the model given to answer the questions about the object or process being modeled. 1. The gas mileage M Óin mi/galÔ of a car is modeled by M ϭ NȋG where N is the number of miles driven and G is the number of gallons of gas used.

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