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Vitushkin's conjecture, a unique case of Painlevé's challenge, states compact subset of the advanced airplane with finite linear Hausdorff degree is detachable for bounded analytic capabilities if and provided that it intersects each rectifiable curve in a collection of 0 arclength degree. Chapters 6-8 of this rigorously written textual content current a big fresh accomplishment of recent advanced research, the affirmative answer of this conjecture. 4 of the 5 mathematicians whose paintings solved Vitushkin's conjecture have received the distinguished Salem Prize in research. Chapters 1-5 of this booklet supply vital history fabric on removability, analytic means, Hausdorff degree, arclength degree, and Garabedian duality that might entice many analysts with pursuits autonomous of Vitushkin's conjecture. The fourth bankruptcy encompasses a evidence of Denjoy's conjecture that employs Melnikov curvature. a quick postscript reviews on a deep theorem of Tolsa and its relevance to going past Vitushkin's conjecture. even though average notation is used all through, there's a image word list behind the ebook for the reader's comfort. this article can be utilized for a issues path or seminar in complicated research. to appreciate it, the reader must have an organization seize of easy actual and complicated research.

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Applying all these equalities to the inequality above and doing a bit of algebra, we obtain our conclusion. 19 The planar Cantor quarter set has positive finite linear Hausdorff measure, yet is removable. Proof We only need to suppose that γ (K ) > 0 and deduce a contradiction. So let f ∈ H ∞ (C∗ \ K ) be such that f ∞ ≤ 1, f (∞) = 0, and | f (∞)| > 0. 14] and a = | f (∞)|. Since the last lemma applies to Q 0 and f , we get Q 1 ∈ G(Q 0 ) such that | f Q 0 ,Q 1 (∞)| l(Q 1 ) ≥ (1 + δ)| f (∞)|. 14 here], we get Q 2 ∈ G(Q 1 ) such that |( f Q 0 ,Q 1 ) Q 1 ,Q 2 (∞)| l(Q 2 ) ≥ (1 + δ) | f Q 0 ,Q 1 (∞)| l(Q 1 ) .

By the weak convergence and positiveness of the measures μn k , f N dμ ≥ 0 for all N ≥ 1. 34], we conclude that μ(C) ≥ 0. If C is also disjoint from K , then the same argument shows that μ(C) = 0 since each μn is supported on the closed |Q 0 |/2n -neighborhood of K . The inner regularity of μ now implies that μ is a positive measure supported on K . Of course ( ) and the weak s (K ). So it only remains to verify the convergence imply that μ has mass at least H∞ growth condition on μ. 28 2 Removable Sets and Hausdorff Measure We first show that for any n, μn (B) ≤ M rad(B)s for all closed balls B such that |B ∩ Q 0 | > |Q 0 |/2n+1 .

Choose a cycle in {V \ (K Q \ K R )} \ (K R \ K S ) with winding number 1 about every point of K R \ K S and zero about every point of C \ {V \ (K Q \ K R )}. Then Q,R = Q,S + is a cycle in C \ (K Q ∪ R,S ) with winding number 1 about every point of K R and 0 about every point of (K Q \ K R ) ∪ R,S and so for every ζ in R,S , ( ) f Q,R (ζ ) = −1 2πi Q,R f (ξ ) dξ. ξ −ζ Lastly, note that by simple algebra, 1 2πi 1 1 1 dζ = (ζ − ξ )(ζ − z) ξ − z 2πi R,S R,S 1 1 dζ − ζ −ξ 2πi 1 dζ . ζ − z R,S The two integrals on the right-hand side of this equation are winding numbers.

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