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By Timothy Buckley

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From apostolic occasions the Church has wrestled with the difficulty of ways to safeguard its trust within the sanctity and permanence of marriage, whereas while ministering the affection and compassion of Christ to these traumatised via the event of marital breakdown.Timothy Buckley is a Redemptorist priest who produced a file for the Catholic bishops of britain and Wales at the pastoral scenario between clergymen and other people argues that the theology of the bond of marriage is answerable for an deadlock which frequently limits the Churchæs reliable strategies to the granting of annulments. via tracing the heritage of the educating at the bond, he concludes that the current self-discipline is predicated on disputable theiology and he proposes a manner forward.An enlightened, sound, and unique examine marriage today.

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To the outsider and even to many Catholics the logic of this position is not easily grasped. They see people who have made solemn promises to live particular vocations. When things go wrong, as in the human condition they so often do, there is an escape route for some, but not for others. It is not that the Church is trying to make people's lives a misery, but sometimes, when the legal position is clinically presented, it can appear harsh and uncaring. There is a gut feeling among many that it does not correspond to the full gospel message of hope and forgiveness.

Clark 1)1) and the Revd Geoffrey Crawfurd (London: Catholic Truth Society, 1970). My Witness for the Church, p. 78. 'Statement by the hierarchy of England and Wales' in Ilurnanae / line and the Bishops: The Encyclical and the Statements oj the National Hierarchies, ed. John Horgan (Shannon: Irish University Press, 1972), pp 112-18. Michael Hornsby-Smith, lecture, 2 October 1991. See Austin Flannery OP, 'Analytic guide' in Humanae Vitae and the Bishops. Hornsby-Srnith, Roman Catholic Beliefs in England, p.

Successors, the bishops, continue to seek a dialogue with their people. There is no doubt that the dialogue which Matthew and Mark record Jesus having with the pharisees was in the particular context of a rabbinical debate that had developed between the schools of Hillel and Shammai over the interpretation of the divorce text in Deuteronomy: 'the unchastity' (RSV translation of erwat dabar (Hebrew) - porneia (Greek)), which permitted a man to divorce his wife. For the strict school of Shammai this could refer only to some serious sexual misconduct, the most obvious being adultery, whereas for the school of Hillel it was eventually extended to almost anything which a husband found displeasing in his wife.

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