Young People and Pornography: Negotiating Pornification by M. Mulholland PDF

By M. Mulholland

ISBN-10: 1137326190

ISBN-13: 9781137326195

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ISBN-13: 9781349461981

Mulholland deals a scholarly, but completely available, severe engagement with younger people's negotiation with the pornification of tradition. This paintings foregrounds the affective dynamics in younger people's institutional and daily sexual peer cultures.

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At the risk of oversimplifying an extensive set of literatures and debates that cannot be exhausted fully here, the following section will focus on the complex ways in which the social was interpreted and applied to the analysis of sexuality in the later part of the twentieth century. Sexuality as Repressed The women’s movement was pivotal in challenging categories that worked to construct sexualities and gender difference in historically and culturally specific ways. Second-wave feminism defied the idea that women were fundamentally different to men because their bodies were different, and by extension their sexualities judged against male sexuality as the normative yardstick (O’Connell Davidson and Layder 1994; Seidman 2006).

Reams and reams of scientifically proven examples are provided. Hardy notes that “from the 1960’s to the 1990’s a great deal of time and money was spent in the attempt to prove that pornography has a . . causal effect upon sexual behaviour” (2008, 62).

Social Construction The notion that normalized sexuality is socially constructed is now commonplace in contemporary sexuality studies. Jeffrey Weeks was pivotal to this shift. In presenting social constructionism as a theoretical tool, he argued that bodies and sexuality were not discrete entities (Weeks 1986) or blank slates on which the social was written. Nor does sexuality simply constitute natural energies repressed by social forces. According to Weeks, sexuality differs across various social and cultural contexts, is a product of social struggle and negotiation, and is not reducible to essentialist explanations.

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