The Best $1 Oyster Happy Hours in San Jose

Everyone loves oysters! They’re tasty--especially when paired with an iced cold beer. Often times, oyster deals also mean that sushi deals are on the menu! But where are the best places to get them? And more importantly, where can you get them for a cheap dollar?...

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8 Cheap Sushi Happy Hours in San Jose

There’s no denying that sushi is great. It’s tasty, fresh, and healthy! There’s only one problem’s expensive! It’s not uncommon to spend $15+ on a single roll. Add in multiple rolls, appetizers, and drinks--and it doesn’t look too great for your...

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9 of the Best Taco Tuesdays in San Jose

  Tuesdays mean only one thing...finding the best taco Tuesdays in San Jose! Why not enjoy some delicious tacos with your friends and family all day--lunch, dinner, or even happy hour? They’re cheap, delicious, and loaded with flavor! So many salsas to add...and so...

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