College is expensive. Tuition, books, rent… the list goes on! College is spending galore! So why not be smarter and find ways to save on food in college?

You probably spend the majority of your time eating out with your friends or getting take-out as you study the night away. Unfortunately, the price of buying daily meals and drinks definitely add up! $10 a day may not seem like much in the short run…but at the end of the month, your credit card statement may not look so pretty.You want good, cheap food! Lucky for you there are many ways to save on food as a college student.

1. Take advantage of discounts near closing time

Many restaurants offer great discounts 1-2 hours before they close! What they don’t sell, they usually toss, so they offer these discounts to quickly get rid of all excess. They’ll  likely offer BOGO or 50% off deals. This is a great way to get a cheap dinner!

2. Gorge on Taco Tuesdays

Taco Tuesdays (or other weekday taco deals) are the best! Mexican restaurants usually have these at $1-$1.50 a piece. It’s a great way to enjoy a couple of and call it a meal. 5 amazing carnitas taco meal for under $5? Sounds like a great deal!

3. Visit “Make Your Own” places and ask for double everything

There are  a couple of “build your own” type of establishment in which you can create your own bowl or burrito. The best part is that many of these restaurants allow you to get double rice or double beans at no extra cost. Pile up your bowl and make it last for two meals!

4. Go out to eat during Happy Hours

Happy Hours are usually a  great deal on food and drinks. You can usually get 50% appetizers, $1 oysters, and reduced drink prices during this time (usually between 3-6pm). Some restaurants even have “happy hours” that run all day, like half off all entrees on Mondays. Find these happy hours and eat cheap!

5. Utilize student discounts

Many restaurants around campus offer a discount if you show your student ID card. It’s always great to ask since some don’t advertise these discounts outright. Whether 10% off your bill or a free soft drink, every little bit counts!

Never miss a discount

College is a great time have fun! But fun doesn’t have to always be compromised by high costs. Every little action of saving money helps! Now, you can always discover hundreds of local discounted eats & drinks with the new mobile app. Never miss out on an opportunity to save on great food!

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